How To Clean Window Screens In A Flash

One of the biggest parts of keeping your windows clean is to properly and regularly wash the screens that go in front of them. What would be the point of taking all your dirty clothes off, jumping in the shower, cleaning yourself up nice and good, drying your hair and body and then jumping right back into your dirty clothes? Would you ever do that? I think not.

So why do so many people go out and cleaned their windows up and put the dirty screens right back on? Those screens collect dirt, pollen, dead bugs, spider webs, and all kinds of other things that with a little wind and little bumping of the screen will go right back onto your window. So on this post here, we’re going to describe to you a quick and effective way to clean all the windows screens in your home.

One of the first things that we recommend is that you take a small Sharpie and as you take the screens off of each window make a little mark on the screen and the window sill to help you remember where it goes. If you don’t do this, you’re going to end up with 10 to 15 screens and not remembering where they all go back on.

Once you got all your screens, lay them all in your driveway. In a small bucket, fill it with about half a gallon of water and scored in a little bit of dish soap. If you got some ammonia line around you can add a little bit of that too. If you don’t, it’s not a big deal you can skip it. Use the window cleaning brush that you use to clean your windows and scrub them and dunk it into the soapy water. Pick up one screen at a time and gently scrub both sides of the screen. You don’t want to push too hard because you’ll end up popping the screen off of the frame of the screen. Make sure you scrub all alongside the frame of the screen too. Once you’re done scrubbing use a water hose and spray off the excess soap. With a dry towel, dry off any excess water and leave them out in the driveway for about 10 to 15 minutes to air-dry the rest.

Leaving them out in the driveway to air-dry will give you all the time that you need to go ahead and go around and clean all your windows. Once you are done scrubbing and squeegee off your windows, all of your screens should be nice and dry. Then all you have to do it’s a go around and look for the little markings that you made on each window sill that matches each screen. Pop the screens right back on and there you will have it. Sparkling clean windows and beautifully clean screens that match them.

It’s really is a very simple upkeep and you should do this at least once a year. If you live in a rural place, then obviously you’re going to need to follow this procedure way more time than that.

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How To Clean Your Windows Like A Pro

When it comes to washing windows in a home they are often neglected for the longest.s of time. We tend to mow our lawns, vacuum and clean our carpets from time to time, and pretty much keep our whole house nice and tidy every so often. But one of the major things most people neglect in their home is their windows.

So right now I’m going to break down in nice simple steps how you can clean your windows like a pro and do it every 6 months or so. So let’s go ahead and get cracking.

The very first thing you’re going to want to do who’s to head out to any of your local home improvement stores like a Home Depot or a Lowe’s and buy the needed equipment you need just start cleaning your windows. The cool thing here is that you don’t need to spend a lot of money. You can probably get all the supplies that you need for around $30. The first thing you’re going to need is a plain simple little bucket if you don’t have one already. Next, you’re going to need a window scrubbing brush what usually run around $10 or less. Then you’re also going to need about a 10-inch window cleaning squeegee. Then you’re going to need two types of towels. It regular lint-free towel and a microfiber towel.

Once you have all your supplies it’s time to start washing your windows. Here’s the cool thing about windows. You really don’t need any crazy type of cleaning solutions or chemicals. All you need is plain old water and dishwashing soap. That’s it.

So what you need to do is to start by putting water in the bucket and putting enough dishwashing soap to build up a little bit of suds. What you got your water ready you need to get started with your first window. Before you wash anything, take an old rag and start to wipe down all of the window frames. This way you don’t get any of the dirt off of the frames on to the window.

Dunk your window washing brush and scrubber into the soap solution and start to scrub your windows thoroughly. This usually doesn’t take much scrubbing to get a window nice and clean but if you got a lot of buildup from your windows not being cleaned for such a long, you may need to scrub a little harder. Once you’re done scrubbing it’s time to come in with the most important tool for window cleaning; the window cleaning squeegee.

Go to the top of the window with your lint-free towel and wipe away about half an inch from the top corner to corner. This allows for a little space for your squeegee to get started to wipe down your window. Now take your squeegee to the top of the window in squeegee down the water with a nice firm hold. What she get the squeegee to the bottom of the window frame, wipe it down with your lint-free towel and also wipe the squeegee. Continue with this starting from your left to right or your right to left whichever you prefer. Once you are done, use your microfiber towel to wipe down all of the edges. The microfiber towel works great so it does not leave any lint behind and also helps prevent any water spots.

That’s pretty much all there is to it. The only thing is that this could take a little while and should be done on a fairly cool day. You don’t want to be doing this when it’s 90 degrees or above or even 80 degrees. For one, you don’t want to be out there sweating your butt off cleaning windows on a hot sunny day. Another thing is that if it’s hot, some of the soap might dry off before you get around to wiping it down with the squeegee.

One of the things that we did not cover here is cleaning your screens. That’s a whole nother subject and we will get to a later post. Until next time, let’s keep those windows crystal clear.