Should I Get a Professional Window Cleaner?

One of the functions of windows is to allow you, as the homeowner to look outside. Ever been in a home where you couldn’t tell the difference between windows and the walls? Or is one of your windows almost looking like a wall? Every person wants to wake up every morning and be able to look through their window and see a crystal clear and beautiful summer day. However, we both know that this cannot be possible when our windows are not well-cleaned.

Let’s talk something about DIY window washing. The first thing to consider before getting onto that ladder to clean your windows is safety. Do you have the right tools and equipment? Do you have the time? Can you ensure quality and efficiency when cleaning your windows? These are important questions to reflect on before you even approach your windows. Hiring a professional will not only make your home brighter but also improve its appearance and give you the pleasure of seeing through the windows. It’s just like hiring a professional lawn service. Here’s why you need to consider working with a professional window cleaning service.

Save time and Spot General Problems

We already indicated that you need to ask yourself if you have the time to clean your windows. Note that this is a task that requires a lot of time. You need at least five hours to thoroughly clean your windows. Getting a professional will ensure your windows are clean as you focus on other things that matter.

It’s also important to indicate that a professional window cleaner has the right tools and equipment and can identify general problems on your windows. Common window problems include ill-fitting window screens, damaged windows, cracked windows, non-functional windows, wood rot on your windowsills, and sashes that could be painted shut. When these problems are spotted early, they can be fixed on time thereby saving you a big expense later. Who knows, it can also save your life.

Extending the Life of your Windows

Over the years, as you continue using your windows, the aluminum screens left in place start aging and leave a pattern of deposits on the window glass. The deposits usually resemble the lime deposits you get to see in your shower at times. Once your window glass becomes etched, it not only looks unattractive but also become more vulnerable to cracking and chipping. Getting a professional to come clean and wash your windows can help in restoring the glass using the right treatment thereby extending the life of your windows.

Getting Rid of Insect Infestations

We often come across homes where insects such as hornets and bees have built their nests behind window shutters. Homes that have three-piece storm windows can also be home for pests such as wasps. You may also see some ladybugs in window channels. All these insects can make it difficult to operate your window. It even becomes harder to clean the windows yourself. However, hiring a professional window cleaner can help to ensure your home is free from all, these pests.

Identifying the Cause of Spots on your Windows

At times, you get confused about the state or rather condition of your windows especially when you often see spots and yet you cannot tell where they are coming from. In most cases, the problem could be as a result of your mulch. The mulch could be having a fungus that’s releasing black spores that end up gluing themselves to your window glass and vinyl siding. These spots can usually are hard to clean and remove completely. Working with a window cleaning service will not only help you identify the cause of the problem but also provide you with a long lasting solution to it.

Author: Tod Stevens

Tod Stevens has been a window cleaner since he was in high school. Now in his 30's he has close to 20 years of window cleaning experience. He has a very successful cleaning business and crew and shares his advice with aspiring window cleaning business owners and homeowners alike.

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