How Do Windows Get Dirty In The First Place

You might be wondering as you’re sitting there looking at your windows in your house how and why windows get dirty in the first place. What’s astonishing is realizing just how many people don’t ever clean their windows in their homes. They clean just about every other section and part of their homes but often neglect washing and cleaning their windows.

The reason windows get dirty in the first place is many. First off is the inside. Just like just about anything inside your home, the thing that stays idle tends to start to collect dust and dirt. It’s always gross to say that most of the dust in a home is dead skin that’s come from the bodies of the people living in the home. Yes, we know. It’s horrible but just a natural fact. So, we take the time to dust and clean our house but not our windows. Windows will get dirty just from natural dust being collected on them. Pretty much that simple. Another reason windows get dirty is that of all the air being vented throughout the home with the heater and AC unit. It spreads around all that dust, pollen, and debris around.

Believe it or not, but cooking also plays a huge factor in windows getting dirty in the first place. Cooking shoots off grease and smoke into your kitchen and a lot of that is not really collected and sucked out with the ventilation systems over the cooking ranges. So where does that end up? All over the house and especially your windows. This will create a tiny and thin film that can cause more dirt and dust to collect on the windows.

Of course, the obvious things do get windows dirty all the time. Kids and pets are notorious for getting windows dirty. Hey, they can help it of course! Kids always have dirty hands and are always touching just about everything in their paths. They leave little handprints behind and even peanut butter and sticky candy behind. Hey, we’ll be honest here. Even adults are great at leaving smudge marks on windows with all the opening and closing that we do to them.

Now we move to the outside of the windows. This is where dirty quickly. Every town is different and the elements can play a huge factor. If you live near dirt roads, dust will always be a problem. It will always get your windows dirty and throughout your window sills. Live in town? Dust still will always be a problem eventually. You also got to deal with different weather and different environments. Pollen leaves falling, different types of things being around the house will always play a factor.

Think rain helps windows stay clean? No sir! Rain, even though it is super clean water will cause your windows to get dirty. One way is that it will start to break away all the dust off the screens on your windows and slowly splatter and spray it the dirt up onto the windows. If you leave near dusty roads, the rain hitting the dirt at first fall will also kick up dirt and will stick to the glass on your windows. No matter what you do, windows, like anything else in life will get dirty. That’s just the way it is. That it is important to upkeep and keep them clean regularly. Keep those screens cleaned too to prevent anything being built up on them too. Simply upkeep your windows cleanliness and every time you wash them will be easy to do.

Author: Tod Stevens

Tod Stevens has been a window cleaner since he was in high school. Now in his 30's he has close to 20 years of window cleaning experience. He has a very successful cleaning business and crew and shares his advice with aspiring window cleaning business owners and homeowners alike.

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